The Importance Of Creating An Effective Setlist


Even though spontaneity is a key component of any great rock show, you can't ignore the benefits of creating an effective setlist. A setlist is more than just a list of songs your band plans on performing. It's a game plan, a strategy for your show! Below, we take a look at the benefits of having an effective setlist.



A Setlist Gives You Preparation

Spontaneity is awesome, but shit happens. All the time. And especially in a live show where a million things could go wrong in a second - a broken string, or wardrobe malfunction, or a broken instrument or even an overly enthusiastic fan - a setlist might be your life saver. Having a setlist means you have back up plans that you can fall onto. Anticipation about the setting of the venue and also the crowd could be handled better. There are many aspects to be considered here, are you going to sit or stand or crowd surf, is it a sit-down concert or a headbanging show? A setlist helps you to cater to the audience expectations and response. Hopefully, leave them wanting more!

Tips: The setting of the venue will influence the mood you create. You should know when to slow down and leave space, the audience breath. Be appropriate to what the audience are expecting. Be observant on how the audience receives your music. Have some encore or cover songs ready in case you need to switch things up in case your original songs aren’t doing the trick. Forget your ego, the show must go on!


A Setlist Creates Flow

A beautiful flow will take your audience to your version of wonderland. It is important to keep your audience alive and wanting more.You wanna hear them cheering for you to do the next song, not confused and lost and stayed because they paid for your gig. Essentially this could be done by making sure that you sequence your songs accordingly. In a gig, it’s not just about great music but also when and how the music is delivered. Too much climax or too little excitement in a row kills the show - so the contrast is the key here. It is crucial that your songs compliment each other such as that they provide a nice rhythm in tempo, key, and mood. People appreciate the music that talks to them and they can relate to and nothing is better than music that connects straight to the soul.

Tips: Allow one song to segue into the next, plan the interactions to the audience ahead of time especially when you are in a band. Rehearsing is important! Being familiar with every part of your gig would allow you to be more comfortable and confident with your set. Lastly, create a playlist and work on the transitions till it feels right!


Final Thoughts ...

Yes, 90% of the audience’s impression comes from the first and final song. Which makes everything in between seem redundant. So why bother having a setlist at all? Well, the greatness of the middle part is that you know if you can keep them on you at this point? You know you rock.



Your Turn to Sound Off!

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