The Importance of Email for Musicians

With the increased proliferation of the new age media, every brand today is working towards carving a niche in the digital space, and so are bands and musicians. It is increasingly seen that artists are resorting to the hottest digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to reach out to their fans. They are conveniently stashing away every suggestion given to them related to email marketing. A majority of them are of the opinion that the method of promoting one’s band or shows by sending emails is a technique of past. They are archaic, out of vogue and do not work anymore in today’s marketplace. Experts, however, say that this is definitely a misconception that almost every artist is carrying, which can prove to be detrimental for the growth of his/her brand, in one or the other way.



As bands venture out into creating music related to newer genres, it is vital that they keep informing and expanding their fan base by engaging more and more people. Email marketing may be considered to be trivial but a little effort put in setting up a fan list and sending regular mail will help bands and artists in innumerable ways.


Increased Fan Interaction

Email marketing is a fantastic tool for having quick interactions with your fan base. As an artist, you can indulge in building instantaneous connections with your fans. Emails can prove to be powerful to tell your admirers direct stories about your band or the music that you have recently created. Note that you are doing all this without speaking verbally to anyone, thus avoiding all types of situations that could irritate people.

Seeing an email from your end in the inbox is something that will help pull up your brand name from the depths of the heart to the top of the viewer’s mind. Always remember, it is likely that your follower may miss out seeing a promotion poster put by you on Facebook. However, it is just inevitable that he or she will not see your mail in the inbox. Also, what needs to be noted here is that the content uploaded on the social media sites are very generic; your potential fans might just scroll down the page without noticing it. However, if you write a personalized mail to him or her, inviting the admirer to witness your next show, then the impact of such a message will no doubt be more long-lasting. Such advantages of using email marketing are things that you as a musician cannot ignore completely.


A Different Promotional Tool

Email marketing can help artists build their career in many ways. You can let people know about the albums that your band is coming up with, besides promoting various shows. Research shows that the tendency among people to shy away from responding to emails is much lesser than what they have for Facebook posts and tweets. Individuals who follow you might want to inform their friends about your upcoming performances, and they will do so by forwarding the email. Therefore, this will eventually spread the word about your new music, thus adding more and more people to your fan list. Email marketing will also let you see your fans getting into action. One of the best ways of promoting your merchandise and inducing your followers to purchase them is by embedding links to your website or the shopping portal selling these things in the mail.


Too Powerful Not To Use

Artists will definitely have a lot of success with email marketing. It is a simple and fast technique that has immense potential to help you reach and convert prospective fans into permanent ones. As a musician from the 21st century, it is essential to understand that music for you should be much more than just performing on the stage. It should necessarily include promoting yourself, your band, your CD/DVD releases, and your merchandise.

Email marketing has, over the last few years, gone through a number of stages of evolution. For those who think that email marketing is out of style, here’s giving you a reality check. The email marketing formats available online in the current times no longer have the typical boring white, background. You can edit it, format it, choose from a range of options of sections and themes or customize it all together to give it the look and feel that best resonates with your brand.

Embrace email marketing today! Embrace a revolutionized way of telling your story in a classy way!
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