Jimmy Page Planning Solo Tour, Blink-182 Debut New Track

Jimmy Page back in 2008

We might not be getting a Led Zeppelin reunion tour any time soon but at for those hungry fans out there looking for the next best thing, legendary guitarist Jimmy Page has announced that he will soon be heading off on a solo effort next year.

The guys over at Guitar World magazine were lucky enough to get an interview with Led Zeppelin about their 2007 one-shot reunion show which was the basis of their recently released Celebration Day documentary. In it, Page revealed that he is planning a solo tour.

 “This time last year I would be actually playing by now in a live outfit,” Page told Guitar World. “So that will have to be postponed now into sort of next year, tail end next year. But I definitely want to be doing that.”

It might not be quite like we expected but I can guarantee you a solo Page tour will still rock plenty hard!

Moving right along, all of you Blink-182 fans out there that can’t wait until December 18th for the release of the band’s new Dogs Eating Dogs EP should have a little something to hold you over a little longer as the band has unveiled the first song off the record, “Boxing Day.”

The band had said that the new EP would feature a more folksy sound to compliment the holidays, including the Christmas-themed “Boxing Day” which is essentially a break-up song, and from the sounds of it, they certainly delivered.

"Dogs Eating Dogs will be nothing like Neighborhoods, but it's also not just a return to the band's early releases," guitarist Tom DeLonge said in an interview with Billboard. "The band is back together, working together in a way that they hadn’t been, even for years before the hiatus. We’re connected and laughing and making jokes and making fun of each other, and really having strong debates whether or not we should have a whole chorus about penises.”

And from the sound of that, looks like the guys are diving back into their signature humor once more. You can check out the new track "Boxing Day" for yourselves right here.

And finally, congratulations to the guys over at Rush for their recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It was a long time coming – so long that plenty of agitated fans were not shy in boasting their displeasure with the organization – but Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are finally official.

Deep Purple on the other hand, with just as many rabid fans, did not end up making the final cut this year on their first ever nomination.

Other inductees into the 2013 class include Heart, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Randy Newman and Albert King. 

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