Joe Walsh Suggests Original Co-Founder Bernie Leadon To Join The Eagles On US Tour

Eagles co-founder Bernie Leadon left the
band in 1975.  

With April now in full swing, the tour season is right upon us and there’s no lack of exiting news in the rock world. First off, looks like Bernie Leadon could be set to rejoin the Eagles for their upcoming US tour, Joe Walsh has revealed.

The co-founder of the legendary band left the group in 1975 after he claims he became disillusioned with their musical direction – although the breakdown of his partnership with Glenn Frey probably had a bit more to do with it looking back.

But now Walsh – who replaced Leadon – has suggested that Leadon might return and perform as part of the show featuring material from his own era.

“Bernie’s brilliant – I never really got a chance to play with him, but we’ve been in contact,” Walsh tells Billboard. “I’m really glad he’s coming. It’s going to take the show up a notch. I’m looking forward to playing with him, finally.

“There’ll be part of the show that doesn’t involve me, but I may come out and play some James Gang stuff, just to show what I was doing when Witchy Woman came out. We don’t have that down yet.”

Unfortunately, a spokesman for Leadon declined to confirm the plan, telling Rolling Stone magazine simply that plans for the tour were “in discussion.”

The last time Leadon appeared with the band was back in 1998 during the Eagles’ Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony as well as a small part in their recent documentary movie.

Moving on, looks like Black Sabbath is looking to make up for lost time as bassist Geezer Butler has suggested in a recent interview with The Metal Forge that their upcoming tour will focus heavily on their ‘70s era classics.

While Sabbath will mainly live in the past when it comes to setlists, Butler says they’ll also squeeze in a couple of tracks from the new album. And he reflects on how recording 13 was a completely different experience from those that took place 40 years ago.

“These days it’s great – you can have the equivalent of a major studio on your laptop, so you can save a lot of time and heartache by recording your ideas at home and then playing them to whoever you are working with, to get instant feedback. There is nothing to replace jamming live together, but it is great to have a reference point, to give direction.”

The bassist admits writing the album was a challenge: “You have to feel extremely comfortable with each other to write and record. We have seen each other almost every day for the last two years – but we persisted, and we have done the almost impossible.”

The metal legends will release new album 13 – their first with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978 – on June 10.

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