John Peel Day

John Peel
The Peel thing … The Radio 1 DJ died seven years ago today. Photograph: Eamonn Mccabe for the Guardian

Seven years ago today the legendary DJ John Peel died aged 65. The blog Keeping It Peel is recording various tribute events taking place this month, and they've declared today to be John Peel Day:

Today is a day designated for bloggers, tweeters, facebookers … and for you, who tuned in to Radio 1 every night to hear John Peel's dulcet tones. Also to hear some sometimes strange noises coming out of your radio. On this day – 25 October – we commemorate and celebrate the memory of one the most influential DJs who ever was. How we do that is by posting on Facebook or writing a blog, or tweeting a link (using the hashtag #keepingitpeel) with your favourite Peel Session track.

Here's a brief selection of #keepingitpeel tweets:


So much of what I've done in music can be credited to the influence and support of one great man. Thank you John Peel.


Everyone should be #keepingitpeel today, even the kids who were too young to appreciate him alive, but are living the legacy he left behind.


The defining radio presenter & music curator of my life. Seven years gone, never forgotten, admired always.


Happy John Peel Day! As musically and culturally important as The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Sex Pistols. Incredible person!


Playing Teenage Kicks and chairdancing in memory of John Peel.

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