Johnny Marr Solo Album, Aerosmith Concert Stream, Robert Plant Falls Down

Marr's new solo album hits 2/25/2013

Rise and shine America, its election day! It’s time to do your part and let your voices heard so if you haven’t voted already… it’s still early, you’ve got plenty of time but don’t wait too long. Alright, let’s take a look at what’s going down in the rock world this Tuesday.

Anyone remember that old guitarist from The Smiths who later joined Modest Mouse only to strike out back on his own? Of course, I’m talking about the very influential Johnny Marr who has just announced his plans to release a brand new album of solo material as well as take the stage with pioneering punk band Dinosaur Jr.

The famous guitarist’s new solo album, The Messenger, is scheduled for release on February 25th 2013 on Warner Bros while his appearance with Dinosaur Jr. is set for December 1st during their show at Terminal 5 in New York City.

Fans of the Boston area legends Aerosmith who couldn’t catch the band’s free live street performance are in luck as it has been announced that it is now up a streaming for your viewing pleasure.

The impromptu performance took place in the band’s old stomping grounds in Boston – specifically located at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue.

From the response of the audience, sounds like it was good one! If you would like check it out for yourself, you can do so here.

Alright, and finally, you know something is wrong with the world when one of music’s all-time greats gets tossed around like an old pair of shoes – well, kind of.

As it turns out, Led Zeppelin frontman and singer Robert Plant was knocked over when a fan jumped onstage during a November 1st concert in Buenos Aires.

As the crooner was finished up what I can only imagine was a killer rendition of “Rock & Roll” and began saying goodnight to his audience, a much exuberated fan jumped on stage and ran towards Plant.  

As the singer ducked to miss the rabid fan, he was bumped from behind by security and fell to the stage while the crew tackled the intruder.

Luckily though, Plant got up without a scratch and said "Easy, easy" to the security crew as they removed the fan from the stage. AC/DC aren’t the only classic rockers with brass balls!

If you would like to check out the incident for yourself, go on to about the 4:30 mark on the vid below.

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