Kerry King Says Slayer Record Being Held Up by Producer Rick Rubin

Slayer guitarist Kerry King performing in 2011.

Bad news for Slayer fans as they will have to wait a bit longer than expected for a new record as guitarist Kerry King confirms that the band’s latest effort is being held up by producer Rick Rubin.

He also dropped hints that fellow Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman – who has contributed to every album and is a founding member of the group – might not participate in the recording sessions as he is still recovering after suffering a near-fatal spider bite.

This isn’t the first time a prominent musician has publically stated critical comments of the iconic producer.

As some of you might remember, in 2011 Graham Nash blamed Rubin for having “ruined” the Crosby, Stills and Nash recording sessions.

Not only that, in the same year ZZ Top’s Billy gibbons said that Rubin was responsible for delays in the release of their latest album, Futura, admitting that they had been pushed to “the brink of frustration,” adding “the band is wondering, ‘Where is this thing? When do we hear it?’”

And in case that wasn’t enough to build a case around the producer, Carey Taylor had said that he would never work with Rubin again and Muse even “thanked” him for showing them how not to record an album.

And now King gets into the mix, recently telling That Metal Show’s Eddie Trunk, “The whole hold-up now, as with every record we ever do, it seems like Rick Rubin changes distributors. We’re left in limbo until he lands somewhere.”

“Realistically, we’re without a deal right now,” added King. “We plan on staying with Rick, but he’s working out his distribution. When that gets settled we’ll be recording.”

Rubin certainly has a lot on his plate; In between Red hot Chili Peppers albums, he consistently works with big names in the business, despite the number of vocal criticisms.

He is currently slated to work on Metallica’s next record and is putting the finishing touches on Black Sabbath’s reunion album with Ozzy Osbourne.

It should be noted that despite the public criticism, Gibbons said of Rubin: “He’s got a somewhat unorthodox way of doing just about everything he does. But make no mistake: he has a sense of intuition that can’t be beat.”

Despite the hold up, King still predicts the new Slayer record should be released before the end of the year and remains positive about the chances that Hanneman will be ready to contribute to the album.

“He’s still trying to get back in the game,” said King. “I have enough material to do it on my own if need be – but if Jeff comes to the part with some material, hell yeah, I’ve got extras.”

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