Kid Rock Surprises Wounded Soldier With New Home

From Left: Rock along with Sgt. Dumar and wife Dana; PC: Detroit News

Turns out self proclaimed American badass Kid Rock isn’t such a bad guy after all – especially if you’re a fellow badass yourself.

According to The Detroit News, hometown celebrity Rock – who is no stranger to giving back to our brave men and women fighting for our freedom around the world – decided to do one better by surprising Army Sgt. Davin Duman with none other than a brand spankin’ new home.

Rock joined Dan Wallrath, founder of Operation Finally Home, along with representatives of the Pulte Group to present Dumar and his wife Dana with the brand new property located in the lush Detroit area community of Macomb Township.

Sorry new recruits, not just any military man or woman can get in on the free house action as the Texas-based nonprofit organization responsible for creating the Operation Finally Home project – going seven years strong – favors soldiers wounded in war, such as Dumar who lost a leg and injured an arm while serving in Afghanistan.

Before they could surprise the deserving couple, Rock and members of the Dumar family waited anxiously inside a Pulte Homes model house to surprise them.

"Don't anybody screw this up and say happy birthday,” joked Rock right before the couple entered.

As Dumar and his wife walked into the home, they were shocked to see Rock, their family and members of the media waiting for them inside. “I wasn’t expecting this,” said Dumar as his wife stood next to him, looking a bit teary eyed from the sheer amount of joy.

As Rock told the couple that they were chosen to receive a brand new home – expected to be completed early next year – he broke out some cigars to cap off the overwhelming moment.  

“We’re all grateful for your service to our country,” added Rock.

Rock got involved with the program after meeting Wallrath who convinced the star to come to Michigan to surprise the selected couple. Wallrath and his organization have so far built 50 homes in 11 states for wounded soldiers.

When Dumar was finally asked how he was feeling about the entire moment, he said he was overwhelmed and happy to see the community cares about its military, adding “I love my job and I’d do it all over again if I had to.”


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