Lamb of God Drummer Says Band Won't Tame Live Shows

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler plans to stay the course on live shows

As many of you might remember, earlier this year, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe spent five weeks incarcerated in a Czech Republic jail cell amid manslaughter charges stemming from a 2010 performance.

Despite pretty much no support from the US government, Blythe was later released but will still have to face trial for connection to the death of Daniel Nosek – the fan who died a month after sustaining injuries at a Lamb of God concert.

Well, if any of you out there were wondering if the recent legal battle would tame the aggressive nature of Lamb of God live shows, you can put those fears to rest as drummer Chris Adler says they have no such plans.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the drummer insists that there already exists a high level of security at their shows thanks to the band’s technical rider’s specifications.

“It’s difficult for us to say this was something that was our fault, and that we should change how we’re doing things,” said Adler. “We’re already trying to look out for those kind of incidents. This is obviously a terrible tragedy that nobody foresaw or intended to happen. But it’s such a random series of events that I don’t think us changing what we do would stop it from happening again.”

According to allegations made by the Czech Republic’s legal hand, Nosek sustained injuries to the head after trying to jump onstage during a Lamb of God performance in May of 2010 and died a month later of a brain hemorrhage.

Interestingly enough though, Czech prosecutors still haven’t given any evidence directly linking Blythe to Nosek’s death nor have they actually stated how exactly Nosek was hurt – although it is believed that he was tossed off stage and hit his head on the metal safety railing.

“They haven’t played their hand out in what they have on us,” added Adler, invoking the closeness of the band. “How they’re going about prosecuting is a mystery to us. Not knowing how their justice system works, and being repeatedly surprised by events from when we landed there, who knows what will happen?”

Blythe meanwhile will have to return to the Czech Republic when trial begins at a later announced date sometime early next year. The singer says he fully intends to follow suit.

Still though, even when faced with charges of manslaughter, you just can’t keep a good metal band from rockin’ out.

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