Lamb of God Singer Freed

Singer Randy Blythe; PC: Wikimedia

After a little over a month of incarceration, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been freed from jail. A spokeswoman for the Prague Court has confirmed that Blythe will arrive in the United States later today (Friday).

For those of you unfamiliar with the case, the enigmatic singer was first arrested on June 27 on manslaughter charges stemming from a 2010 concert in connection to the death of Daniel Nosek, a fan who died a few days after sustaining injuries when he was apparently thrown off the stage while Blythe was performing.  

Although he had remained incarcerated until today, Blythe was never actually charged and posted $200,000 bail a few days after his initial arrest. However, unlike the United States and Western Nations, the legal system in the Czech Republic allows prosecutors to object to any suspect’s freedom regardless of bail. After objections from Blythe’s legal team were rejected, the bail was then raised to $400,000 and although this was again paid, another objection from the prosecutors kept Blythe behind bars.

And just in case you’re wondering if this will mark the end of the situation for Blythe, it is far from over. The Lamb of God frontman will have to return to Prague once the actual trial begins which has been anticipated as November. It’s not all bad news for Blythe though, as experts on the matter believe he has a strong case in his favor.

Earlier last month, fans began posting videos of the incident which seems to show that Blythe was not the culprit behind the toss from the stage that led to Nosek’s death, although it is yet to be known whether they will be seen as evidence or played a part in Blythe’s release.

The spokeswoman also confirmed that Blythe’s freedom had been decided yesterday (Thursday) after a 16-hour closed session and that no conditions were placed upon his release except that of bail payment. He was freed later that afternoon and boarded a plane to the US earlier today.


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