Lars Ulrich Confirms Metallica Working On New Studio Album

Metallica will release new record off their
brand new label, Blackened Recordings 

Great news for all of Metallica fans out there as drummer Lars Ulrich revealed that the band is indeed working on their next studio album.

In an interview with Metal Hammer for their January 2013 issue Ulrich confirms that the new material sounds much like their 2008 release, “Death Magnetic.”

"The stuff that we were banging out yesterday, it felt heavy, it felt energetic, it was loud, it was fast, it was rocking, it was crazy," said Ulrich. “The snare drum was on there and there were guitar solos, in case anybody was wondering. What we're doing now certainly sounds like a continuation of where we left off four years ago."

And in case any of you are wondering whether or not legendary producer Rick Rubin – who worked on “Death Magnetic” – will be on helm once again, Ulrich could not confirm who is producing the current album, although he did have this to say: "I love Rick, we all love Rick. We're in touch with Rick constantly. We'll see where it goes."

Judging from that response, don’t hold your breath on Rubin being onboard, sounds like Ulrich isn’t, but it could just be some elaborate hint that will eventually lead to a formal announcement that Rick is indeed the producer –  but probably not.

Still though, the guys at Metallica don’t really need any extra flair as they are already a proven success to say the least, even recently launching their own record label, Blackened Recordings, as well as announcing that they are now in complete ownership of their entire catalog.

“It’s always been about control for us as a band,” said Ulrich. “Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, giving us 100 percent control and putting us in the driver’s seat of our own creative destiny.”

Looks like they’ve attained all that – and more!

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