Led Zeppelin Facebook Countdown Prompts Hope of Reunion

Might this image refer to Led Zeppelin V?*

It’s been a very long drought in the world of live stage Led Zeppelin. Ever since the legendary classic rock band reunited for a one-time performance back in 2007 at London’s 02 Arena, fans have been extremely vocal in their hopes of at least one final, true farewell tour.

Well, a lot of those hopes were raised over the weekend when the group’s official Facebook page posted a very large – but very unspecific – image of the word "Five," thus kicking up that inevitable reunion rumor mill into full gear.

This past Saturday, tens of thousands of Led Zeppelin Facebook followers were greeted with the word/number “FIVE,” leading many to take to the comments section and give their two cents on what exactly this might mean.

Of the many – MANY – wild theories about the number’s meaning, some of the more truly enticing speculations pointed to a follow up to Led Zeppelin IV or possibly a few more live shows (as one commentator pointed out, it has been five years since the 07 gig).

Well, that FIVE turned into a FOUR the following day, thus officially making the cryptic message into a countdown which should end this Thursday, September 13, although that did little to quell several fan’s active imaginations.

The band itself has remained inactive since 2009 ever since plans of replacing singer Robert Plant were trashed. For those of you who might not remember, Plant turned down the idea of following up Led Zeppelin’s 02 Arena show, saying that he was perfectly happy with leaving things as they were with the band.

As unbelievably awesome – and most likely very successful – as the prospect of a true farewell tour or even a new album might sound, the countdown is more likely pointing towards something a bit less ambitious – specifically a live CD/DVD of their 07 one time only performance.

The biggest indication of this comes from singer Page’s manager, Peter Mensch, who tweeted on Saturday, “"It's almost here. I've seen it and heard it. almost 5 years to the day."

Yes, five years to the day of their last performance and – as of today, September 10th – three days until the countdown ends and officially crushes all hope of seeing the legendary band on stage.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough!





*Image courtesey of Led Zeppelin's Facebook page

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