Led Zeppelin to Appear on David Letterman

From Left: Jones, Plant, Page and Letterman at the
2012 Kennedy Centers Honors. 

Am I the only one who thinks that the guys over at Led Zeppelin kind of get a kick out continuing to tease our collective hopes at a possible reunion? Although singer Robert Plant shot down many hopes of a tour or additional shows following their one night only performance at London’s 02 Arena, neither he nor the rest of the band ever completely shut those prospects down.

And now it looks as if all of us Zeppelin fans are about to get plenty more hopes up as it has been confirmed that the surviving members of the band will be appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman Monday, December 3rd.

That’s right; John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert plant are set to guest on the late night talk show tonight when it broadcasts from Washington D.C. although there is still no word on whether the band will be performing or simply sitting down to chat with Dave.

It might just be a case of perfect timing as both Zeppelin and Letterman were in Washington this past weekend to receive the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors.

While Led Zeppelin is being acknowledged as a band, Jones, Page, and Plant each received honors.

In the meantime, you can always catch the recently released “Celebration Day” release which captures their well-known 2007 reunion at London’s 02.

And on the lighter side of the news, The Guardian is reporting that two of Madonna’s signature cone-shaped bras have sold for over $77,000 big ones at an auction held by Christie’s in London.

A corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier which was worn by Madonna on her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour went for about $52,000 to a private bidder along with a two-piece bustier outfit – also complete with those signature conical cups – for about $26,000.

A part of me wonders what this private bidder wants with cone shaped bras – another part would much rather not know. 

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