Marley Documentary to get Wider Release

Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald has announced plans for a wide release of his newest documentary entitled “Marley,” – already released in limited theaters around the U.S. – which features iconic Jamaican reggae star Bob Marley.

Macdonald, known for such films as “The Last King of Scotland,” uses the documentary to not only relay Marley’s music and message of peace, but to eliminate any false impressions that people may have about the Jamaican star.

When asked by Reuters about the single biggest misconception most have about Marley, MacDonald said it was “the idea he was just a pot-smoking, lazy Caribbean guy who didn't do very much. And actually, as you see in the movie, he's driven and ambitious and hard working and disciplined. I think that will come as a surprise to many people.”

The film depicts Marley’s life from his birth in the rural town of Nine Miles, the infamous attempt on his life as well as his death in 1981 of melanoma cancer.

"I think he had a feeling of invincibility,” said MacDonald. “He believed that Rastas don't die - a fundamental Rasta belief that you don't die. And he was hugely religious. I think everything in him was saying, ‘It'll be okay.' I think he knew that he was really ill. He wasn't stupid. I think he decided to just ignore it and say, 'let's carry on performing as long as we can.'”

MacDonald plans to widen the release of “Marley” in the coming weeks




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