Master of Puppets Voted Best Heavy Metal Album of All Time

Black Sabbath's 1970 album takes number 2*

Feels like it’s been awhile since the guys over at Rolling Stone magazine have done one of their oft cited power rankings but now they’re back and this week have crowned Metallica as the masters of pretty much everything. Well, not exactly.

Through one of the magazine’s signature online polls, readers have named Metallica’s 1986 album Master of Puppets as the Greatest Heavy Metal Album of All Time, beating out other legendary heavy rockers such Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

As expected, albums from legendary icons of heavy metal pretty much owned the entire list. Even Guns N’ Roses was invited to the party, proving that the definition of heavy metal is indeed an open one.

"Metal fans are a very passionate bunch,” wrote the editors at Rolling Stone. “They're also very opinionated, so when we asked them to vote for their favorite metal albums we expected a huge response. We also expected a big debate about the very definition of 'heavy metal.' Some metal fans say that groups like Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses are metal. Others think that's completely insane. We aren't here to settle these debates. We're merely here to count the votes."

And as far as the top of the list goes, rounding out the group at number five was another Metallica record, 1988s’ …And Justice For All. Coming in with the fourth spot on the list is Iron Maiden’s 1982 masterpiece The Number of the Beast while Black Sabbath kicked some ass and took numbers two and three with Paranoid and their 1970 self-titled album, respectively. And as mentioned already, Master of Puppets took top honors.

“Well, this wasn't much of a contest,” wrote one of the magazine’s editors. “Metallica's 1986 LP Master of Puppets blew the competition completely out of the water. It's no big surprise. The disc captured Metallica at the height of their powers. It's their final work with bassist Cliff Burton, and many feel it's their last truly flawless record.”

Well, there you have it; All in all, no big upsets or surprises with this list, except for maybe their blatant Tenacious D snub - the sweet kings of rock.  


And here's the Top 10:

01. "Master Of Puppets" - METALLICA
02. "Paranoid" - BLACK SABBATH
03. "Black Sabbath" - BLACK SABBATH
04. "The Number Of The Beast" - IRON MAIDEN
05. "...And Justice For All" - METALLICA
06. "Reign In Blood" - SLAYER
07. "Appetite For Destruction" - GUNS N' ROSES
08. "Metallica" - METALLICA
09. "Led Zeppelin II" - LED ZEPPELIN
10. "Ride The Lightning" - METALLICA




* Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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