Megadeth Release Dave Mustaine Guitar Prodigy App

Screenshot from the app

If your looking for a fun guitar app that actually teaches you to play shredder songs then look no further. Megadeth have released the "Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy," an iPad application where Mustaine teaches fans to play hits like Tornado of Souls or Public Enemy No. 1 from the band's new album, TH1RT3EN.

Guitar Prodigy shows you how to play a real guitar just like Mustaine. The app uses his master tracks and listens to the notes you play, giving you instant feedback on your performance. Mustaine digs into rhythm, technique and theory. It's the next best thing to taking private lessons with Dave.

Guitar Prodigy includes several Megadeth mega-shredding hits like "Tornado of Souls," "Holy Wars… The Punishment Due," and "Public Enemy No. 1" from Megadeth's new album TH1RT3EN. Also included are a number of progressive bite-sized "Micro Lessons" created by Mustaine himself covering areas like rhythm, technique and theory revealing the true genius behind his music.

The app comes with multiple skill levels from beginner to advanced, and even features a leader board to show off top scores. Never before has there been an affordable way for a fan to get a one-on-one connection with the artist, to experience the music – by playing the music.

Download your copy of Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy HERE

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