Metallica Plan Four Day 30 Year Anniversary Shows


Thrash metal fans worldwide should most definitely start preparing themselves as the iconic Metallica announce four 30 year anniversary shows to mark their first performances back in California.

The band promise a special and unique couple of performances, with the insanely low price of $6 (or £3.60!) for a ticket – the price of a ticket to their old gigs from back in the day. The gigs are set for early December and will be held in the San Francisco Fillmore.

A post on the band’s website revealed the planned party and came with the message that the ‘unique’ shows would be special, one-off performances that fans may never see the likes of again.

“These unique shows will include special guests and events, rare songs, varied set lists, odds and ends, and all the nutty stuff you expect from Metallica," the band posted on their site.”

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