Mick Jagger's Hurricane Sandy Joke Angers Fans

Mick Jagger performing durning Wednesday's 
12-12-12 Sandy Benefit concert in  New York. 

Happy Friday, everyone! Let’s see what’s going on in the rock world this morning. You know, I would like to think that most people out there across the globe have a pretty good sense of humor and can even at times appreciate a good joke aimed towards themselves – but that’s not everyone, especially when you add a huge national disaster as the brunt of the humor.

Seems like Mick Jagger is learning this the hard way as the Rolling Stones frontman is getting a bit of heat for an off the cuff joke made during Wednesday’s 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit concert in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

“This has got to be the largest collection of English musicians ever assembled in Madison Square Garden,” Jagger told the crowd. “But I’ve got to say, if it rains in London, you’ve got to come help us, OK?”

It’s actually kind of funny in its own right but when you consider the millions of lives affected by the disaster and the mind-blowing $70 billion estimated in damage, comparing Sandy to London rain might not be that funny to, let’s say, the people who experienced the storm for themselves, i.e.: most of the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Anyways, like all good modern cries of outrage, angry fans quickly took to social media such as FaceBook and Twitter to express their displeasure in Jagger’s joke.

Here are a few highlights:

“Anyone else think Jagger’s “If it rains in London, you guys have to help us” line was a bit out-of-bounds?” @OakParkVandy

“Not gonna lie when jagger said “better help us out if it ever rains in England” I got a little angry.” @mcavs

“Really Mick Jagger? If it “rains” in London, we have to help out? Poor taste man.” @bigdarrell92


Anyways, that’s not to say that there weren’t plenty of people who saw Jegger’s comments as nothing more than an innocent joke.

“Mick Jagger: “If it rains in London, you’ve got to come and help us!” For sure! Thank you for helping us!”  @ChrystynaTwer


The band’s people themselves probably haven’t had that much of a backlash as they themselves – via the Rolling Stones’ official Twitter account – reposted the joke without too much fanfare.

A lot of you might be thinking, how exactly is this news? Simple: it gets a reaction out of people – easy as that. In the end though, even in the face of a national disaster, there’s nothing wrong or new about trying to take the edge off a tragedy with a little bit of humor. Would people rather have Mick cry on stage or something? Anyways, have a great weekend everyone! 

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