Monday Night Football to Feature the Rolling Stones

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Any football fans in the house? Of course there are! Well, for those of you out there who wouldn’t mind a bit more classic rock and roll in your grid iron gamut – and a lot less of that same old Faith Hill song (yes, thats technically on Sunday Night Football but the point rings the same) – then you’ll be glad to know that ESPN has just announced that the soundtrack for their highly popular Monday Night Football program will come from none other than the Rolling Stones.

According to Universal Music Enterprise, the cable sports network will be celebrating the legendary band’s 50th anniversary by collaborating with Universal Music Group in a partnership that has been called “Legend to Legend.”

ESPN will be licensing 16 tracks from the Rolling Stones that span much of their career from the group’s 1970s masterpiece Exile on Main St. all the way to their recent release, 2006’s A Bigger Bang.

UME has also revealed that the songs featured will not only include the hits such as “It’s Only Rock ’n Roll” and “Hot Stuff,” but will also feature a few lesser known deep cuts such as “One Hit (To The Body).”

Four songs will be used per month on everything from bumpers and teasers within the Monday Night Football game, during the pregame show, the postgame show, highlight segments on Sports Center, ESPN's flagship highlights as well as on other news and information shows.

Also, these "Legend to Legend" elements will be identified with a branded logo and high-end animations within Monday Night Countdown and Sports Center, focusing on "The 50 Years of the Stones" and even bringing in the band's signature tongue logo – sounds like a certain sports network isn’t afraid to fully milk an endorsement deal!

"We're very proud that the Rolling Stones chose ESPN's Monday Night Football to play a major role in their 50th Anniversary celebration,” said Bob Toms, ESPN vice president of production enhancements, who oversees the ESPN Music department. “Sports and music fans alike will enjoy the combination of these two pop culture legends – the most successful prime time sports series in the history of television and the world's greatest rock and roll band to supply music for our season-long soundtrack."

As if you didn’t already know, ESPN’s Monday Night Football along with the “Legend to Legend” collaboration will premiere Monday, September 10 when the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Baltimore Ravens (7 pm in the East, 4 pm in the West Coast).

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