Monster Updates thier Rock, Bass and Acoustic Cables

monster  instrument cable NewMonster, a leader in the professional audio industry for over three decades, has released new versions of their Rock, Bass, and Acoustic cables. The line features cable technology that pays close attention to the frequencies inherent to specific types of instruments so players get the most out of their gear.

  • Monster Rock - tuned to enhance the attack of your solid body electric 6 string guitar with an advanced coaxial design featuring multi-gauge wire networks to maximize your guitar’s natural tone and sonic bite.
  • Monster Bass - designed with a solid core conductor giving more power, definition, and punch to better define your notes and clear up the mud. Tuned to properly conduct low-end frequencies accurately.
  • Monster Acoustic - featuring Bandwidth Balanced construction to phase align the signal for a more natural reproduction of the full range of frequencies found in acoustic and hollow body instruments.

Strongest Prolink Connector Ever
Monster’s new custom design connectors are built to last. The design features a collet strain relief that securely clamps down on the Duraflex jacket when screwed together. This takes the strain and pressure off the solder points locking the cable firmly in place. Connector tip strength has been greatly increased compared to past versions. The connectors’ stylish design combines form and function, resulting in a reliable cable that will deliver years of great tone.

Full Lifetime Warranty
Along with the concept of a premium pro audio cable, Monster also originated the lifetime warranty policy giving players the confidence that if something goes wrong, the company will stand behind its product and keep you playing.

Audio Technology that Delivers
Monster Prolink products were developed using advanced proprietary audio technology to create Pure Monster Sound. Spearheaded by company founder Noel Lee and fueled by Monster’s 35 years of innovation and expertise, Pure Monster Sound™ delivers the full tone of your instrument with extreme clarity, tight articulation and full bass.


  • Time Correct Windings with multiple gauge wire networks
  • Bandwidth Balanced construction to phase align signal for a more natural reproduction
  • Duraflex Outer Jackets for superior reliability and maximum cut resistance
  • 24K Gold Connectors, with a new 2014 custom design based on customer and industry feedback, featuring collet strain relief for durability and resistance to corrosion
  • MicroFiber Dialectric for better isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic detail
  • Magnetic Flux Tube construction, which improves bass response and natural sonic characteristics


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