Musician Tips: Build A Fan Base From Scratch

If you want to be a successful musician, then having a big and loyal fan base is the most important thing. Your fans will buy your albums, share your videos and always support you. But in the case of a new band, building a fan base is not an easy job. However, it is definitely not impossible. Here's how to build a fan base from scratch:




1. Take The Help Of Other Musicians

If you are a new band and just starting out, then you need the help of the other bands in your area. Follow the Internet closely to find out all the performances happening in your area. Visit as many of these shows as possible, and introduce yourselves at the end of the concert. However, make sure, that you don't sound too desperate. It gives a very negative impression. When you visit their shows regularly, they will also definitely return back the favor. It may take some time, but eventually you will be able to make a lot of friends in the music industry.


2. Have Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube is probably the best and the easiest way to create a fan base. Upload videos of some of your best songs. But, make sure that the video quality is good and the audio is also very clear. Apart from the songs, you can also share some funny moments or jamming sessions. Try to upload as many songs as possible. Because even if one of your videos goes viral, your popularity will increase substantially. If your songs become a hit in YouTube, more and more people will come for your live performances.


3. Stay Visible

It is very important that your band has an identity. Make a logo, so that people are able to identify your brand easily. Spend some time in designing the logo. Because even a stylish logo can attract many people. You can also make posters of your logo and put them in different crowded places. You should also always be in the lookout for venues, where your band can perform. Generally, many restaurants or pubs ask local bands to perform for them. They are a great opportunity for your band to get some exposure. If you are struggling to find any such venues, you can also go for street shows.


4. Merchandise

It is also advisable to make some merchandise of your band, like T-Shirts or scarfs. When you are performing live, distribute those among the audience. You can design the T-Shirts yourself if you want. But don't try anything fancy. Just a black shirt with your band's logo printed in white over it is good enough. In the initial days, you have to give away your merchandises for free. And when you become popular, you can sell them.


5. Gig Smart

Initially, your aim is to perform as many gigs as possible. But that doesn't mean that your perform regularly. Two gigs every week is good enough. Also, be smart about the venues where you are performing. If you keep on performing at the same venue frequently, then your audience will eventually get bored and lose out. Hence, try to perform in different parts of your town. This way, you will get more exposure. Also, try to perform in your neighboring cities as well. Traveling may be a bit expensive, but in the long run, it will be worth it.


6. Additional Networks

Apart from the other bands, you also have to make some other contacts, if you want to succeed. For example, the owner of a club, a DJ or a famous blogger can really help you out and give your career a major push. All of them may not be interested in a new band, but you should at least make an attempt to contact them. Send them a mail informing that you are a big fan of their work. You can also give them a ticket of your next performance. Again, try not to sound desperate.


7. Take Help From Experts

No matter what kind of strategies you are implementing, unless your music is good, you will struggle to build a fan base. In the initial years, most bands struggle to get their music right. An experienced professional will be able to give you some valuable tips. It can make a huge difference.


In Conclusion ...

Building and maintaining a huge fan base isn't something that happens overnight. It takes multiple years of constant work and dedication. But by employing the tips above, you can make the most of this big challenge.



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