Musician Tips: Common Music Career Killers

How many times haven’t we listened to songs only to ask ourselves, somebody else or the internet whatever happened to that musician, singer or band you’re listening to. Then we find out that those people are either dead, playing music almost to themselves or in a dead-end job that we couldn’t possibly imagine them in. That’s sad, that’s just very very sad. Whenever we listened to their music we played air drums or grabbed anything that could pass as a microphone or rehearse the moves we saw them make and it made us feel totally awesome. It’s sad to find out that they just were mirages, illusions of a power and confidence only musicians have. We admired them for their stage and we appreciated their music even more. The right words on a ballad, the right guitar solo on a rock song, the smoothest sax played by the smoothest saxophonist only played a huge part on our emotions and to see that fade away is just like the feeling you get when you’re little and find out Santa’s not real.

Nobody wants to see that happen anymore so here are some top music career killers that could serve as advice for the future rock stars and musicians that will capture us with their notes.


Forgetting About The Music

Stardom seems like everything when you finally reach it. The parties, the people who all of the sudden want to hang out with you, the people you find attractive to look at you more and more and maybe you finally get a chance with them, what it looks like an endless flow of money and everything you ever wished for are right there in your life, ready to be enjoyed but remember what took you there in the first place: Your music, your craft. Work on it every day like you’re a farmer who is trying to harvest a record. Be better at your craft every day and don’t forget the people that helped you do that.


Not Thinking Of Yourself As A Brand

Many artists forget they offer something to be purchased and the face of it is the artist itself. Artists don’t really need a logo; it could suffice with their presence. Sell yourself more, take care of what you put out there, take care of who you talk to and when. Make sure every move you make is well thought of so fans can purchase you as a whole. If you’re selling happy music, be joyful; if you’re selling thoughtful music be sure to talk properly about it in public. Every public move you make counts and people should remember you for it.


Being Boring To Existing Fans

Everything in life changes. Even when we’re old and facing death, our bodies become smaller and there’s nothing to be done about it. Music should be the same; it should change as you change. Don’t play it safe when it comes to music, it will only bore the people that have already heard your previous work making you bland as a brand and making those fans leave you.


Playing Anything Anywhere

Have you seen your favorite artist play on radio stations or music tv networks, again and again, collaborating with different artists and trying different styles, giving interviews to every single journalist and just playing anywhere where you’d never thought you see that artist? Doesn’t it feel wrong? It totally is. There’s one thing called overexposure and another thing that’s not respecting your craft as you should. Anyone that pays, you’re there, any airplay is good, no matter what people are thinking. Wrong, just wrong.

Try to approach that in a different light. Play where, when and how it matters to you. If you want to make a lot of money and a lot of fans, play the biggest, the best gigs. If you want to play the better music and make people appreciate it, play only where you can make sure people are paying attention. You should be in total control of how your fans perceive you.


Final Thoughts ...

Any other advice is just common sense. Take for example people like Milli Vanilli who took greed to a whole new level by making two models lip-sync the true singers or Phil Spector whose crimes totally removed him from the music scene or Whitney Houston whose drug addiction problems were bigger than her famous voice. Just take in common sense and the advice above and you’ll be safe to learn what music can give you.



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