Musician Tips: How Facebook Live Can Help Your Band

Social Media is a great way to promote your work and music. Most musicians have a Facebook page to connect with their audience and to promote their new songs. But Facebook has upped the game with their new feature called Facebook Live. It allows you to post a live video which everyone will be able to see in real time. It is a great way to connect with your followers. It is also extremely easy to get started. All you need is a Facebook account, a smartphone, and an Internet connection. Just make sure that your Internet connection is stable. As an audience, it is very annoying when a video stops suddenly. 



Here are some tips on how to use Facebook Live to promote your band:

1. Conduct Live Question and Answer sessions

As a musician, it is extremely important to connect with your audience. Previously, people used Twitter to conduct these kinds of sessions. But there you were not able to see the audience. Facebook Live makes it possible to interact with your audience in real time. It is the perfect way to listen to your followers and know their suggestions. It is also a great opportunity for your followers to ask any question they want. Conduct these sessions as frequently as possible. Once every week or two weeks is good enough. It is a great way to improve your reputation and increase your follower base. Make sure that before conducting these sessions, you inform about it through your Facebook page. This way, more people will be online to watch the live stream. If your live videos become a hit, then your Facebook page will also get more popular.


2. Stream your live performances

You can also use Facebook Live for your live performances. It is not possible for everyone to come at your concerts and hear you live. But through Facebook Live, it is possible for all of your followers to watch your live performance. It is a great way to increase your follower base. Just make sure, that you set up the camera properly so that all the angles are covered.


3. Stream your practice sessions

It is also a great idea to live stream your practice sessions. Your followers will get a peek into the behind the scene actions. In case you are coming up with a new song, you can explain the meaning of the song and how it is being made. You can also give your audience a live tour of your studio where you record all your songs. This way, your audience will feel more connected with you.


4. Before and after the show

Although most people use Facebook Live during their live performance, but you can also use it before or after the show. Your followers will get to know how you prepare before a performance. You can also ask them for any specific song which they will like you to perform. Even after the performance, you can live stream the moments when you just chill with your band mates.



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