My Bloody Valentine Complete New Album After 22 Year Drought

New record will mark first in 22 years for the band

If you thought Axl Rose took his sweet time in releasing his fabled Chinese Democracy record then you just don’t know what it’s like being a My Bloody Valentine fan.  Sure, it’s taken 22 years but the band has finally completed their third studio album. Better late than never, right?

The Dublin, Ireland alternative rockers announced on their Facebook page, “On 21-12-12 we finished mastering the new album!”

What this means for eager fans is that the hard work on part of the band is pretty much done but as far as an official release date is concerned – or a proper album title for that matter – expect something well into 2013.

Guitarist and leader Kevin Shields recently told NME the long-awaited follow-up to 1991’s Loveless will be released via the My Bloody Valentine website, followed by an EP of new recordings also in 2013. Shields said the new record "really frees us up, and in the bigger picture it's 100% necessary.

"People who like us will immediately connect with something. Based on the very, very few people who've heard stuff-- some engineers, the band, and that's about it-- some people think it's stranger than Loveless. I don't."

For those of you who can’t wait for some MBV or would much rather catch the band live – and happen to live in Japan, Australia or the U.K. – tour dates have also been announced for February and March of 2013.

Make sure to check out the My Bloody Valentine's official website for more info although you might want to wait a bit as it currently states "Coming Soon!" Or you can always try their official Facebook page right here.

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