NBC to Air Benefit Concert for Storm Victim Relief

The Jersey shore was among the hardest hit regions in the area

Morning music fans! While the mega storm Sandy itself has now finally passed on, the devastation from the aftermath remains far too real. While most Americans are doing what they can to help – such as donating blood and or funds to the American Red Cross – musicians are doing what they can to help in the best way they know how – by rocking all night long.

It has been confirmed by Reuters that none other than Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Christina Aguilera will be headlining a benefit concert for the victims of Sandy and will air on NBC and its affiliated NBC Universal networks this Friday, November 2nd.

NBC stated on its official website that all of the money collected from the concert and programming will be used to directly help those hardest hit by the mega storm by donating the funds to the aforementioned American Red Cross.

The network also stated that the concert, which will be titled “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together,” will be hosted by Today show anchor Matt Lauer who is no stranger to being in the aftermath of a train wreck, such  as the current Today show.

And just in case X-tina, Springsteen – whose native New Jersey was among the hardest hit by the storm –  and Bon Jovi aren’t enough to entice you, other performers and celebrities will be on hand as well, such as Billy Joel, Sting, Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon – pretty much those who come from places directly affected by Sandy.

So far, it is believed that at least 82 people from both the United States and our brothers to the north in Canada have died as a direct result of one of the largest storms to hit the area in decades. Millions still remain without power, clean water and several basic necessities as the flood waters have yet to reside in several areas, making it difficult for emergency teams to reach those in need.

If you would like to do your part to help, please visit the American Red Cross at http://www.redcross.org/


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