The New Fishman Blackstack Passive Humbucker Pickup


The first product to be introduced from the new “Larry’s Garage” series, the Blackstack passive soundhole pickup offers the vintage sound of a humbucking magnetic pickup in a modern, battery-free design.

A departure from the warm, transparent tone of Fishman's Rare Earth soundhole pickups, Blackstack has its own voice... a more vintage roadhouse sound perfect for high volume band situations that require a driving acoustic to cut through the mix and keep up with the rest of the band.

Hard rockers will love it, but so will those guitarists looking for a vintage-inspired tone. Whether your taste is country, classic rock, alt country, or something completely your own - you'll find the Blackstack delivers with a bold, powerful acoustic voice.

The new Blackstack is delivered in a specially-designed metal "poker case" package, complete with Fishman playing cards and a stack of black poker chips. But save the gambling for something other than your acoustic tone - this humbucking pickup is ultra-quiet, extremely feedback resistant, and features adjustable pole-pieces for perfect string balance adjustments.

Made in Fishman's Andover, MA factory, these new pickups offer our legendary quality, performance and heavy duty durability - perfect for professionals and weekend warriors alike.

Like all of Fishman's soundhole pickups, it provides easy installation with no modifcation required - plug and play right out of the box!

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  • TOfTVKcqZoc

    I am left handed but I leraned on a right handed bass and I flipped the bass upside down.So my E string is on the bottom just as tabs are written.I now have 2 basses that I had new nuts put on them and restrung with the E string on the bottom of the neck.I am self taught of only 2 years and I haven't started learning from tabs yet.but I think it won's be too hard since the normality of the tabs is written backwards for you rightys but for me a lefty strung as a righty much easier.

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