New Killers Album, Axl Late Again and 18 New Chili Peppers Songs

Below: Guns N' Roses 2010 concert; Top: The Killers

New Killers Album Gets Named

After four years since the release of their last studio album, The Killers have announced the upcoming release to their fourth record. Battle Born, as the new album will be titled, is tentatively set for release this fall.

In an interview with Rolling Stone at their Las Vegas recording studio, frontman Brandon Flowers expressed his feelings towards the title: “In a sense, all Americans are battle born. Our ancestors came here for something better.”

Several producers have so far been linked to the album, including Brendan O’Brien, Steve Lillywhite, Damian Taylor and Stuart Price. The band has also confirmed the songs  “Carry Me Home,” “Flesh and Bone,” Runaways” and “Heart of a Girl” will be among the tracks on Battle Born. [GBSN]


Guns N' Roses Late to Own Show

In other news, those familiar with the antics of Axl Rose should not be surprised that the legendary singer and his Guns N’ Roses were a bit late in taking the stage during their May 29 show in Manchester, causing several fans in attendance to simply walk out.

Set for 10pm, the group did not take the stage until well past 11pm, although they did manage to play through their entire 33-song set, finishing up at about 2:15 am. Towards the end of the concert, there were reportedly about 6,000 fans left in attendance – about 10,000 less than capacity.

Fans unhappy with the band’s blatant tardiness flocked to Twitter to express their feelings, such as Alison Parker, a fan that attended the show.

“I’m angry,” wrote Alison. “Guns N’Roses? No, Goons and Losers. Had to leave for the last train before they even graced us with their presence. Disgusted.”

It seems as though the frustration of fans wasn’t relegated to online posts as a crowd member reportedly hurled a pint in their anger, striking Axl during “Welcome to the Jungle.”

Although fans might not have been as happy, the band paid it no mind to the mass walkout, as their official Twitter had a much more positive view of the show, simply writing: "A tip of the hat to the good folk at the Manchester Arena. To say Manchester rocks is an understatement! London calling!" [NME]

Peppers to Release 18 New Tracks

And finally, great news for fans of California funk rockers The Red Hot Chili Peppers as the band has announced that they will be releasing 18 new songs by the end of the year.

Bassist Flea reports that the bans has been “writing stuff while touring” and adds that the new tracks will be released via digital formats as well as seven-inch vinyl. [CRM]

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