New MONO Guitar Cases Announced

MonoSleeve The Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve are the latest addition to MONO’s collection of professional luggage for musicians.

With the recent news of friendlier guidelines regarding air travel with instruments, musicians on-the-go will be needing a slick new guitar case to go along for the ride -- and what better than these three new slick cases from MONO? These new cases include the Sleeve, the Vertigo and the Dual Acoustic & Electric, each of which offer a specialized feature that should appeal to several different types of musicians.

The Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve are the latest addition to MONO’s collection of professional luggage for musicians. Designed to be a minimalist solution for traveling light and simple, the new Sleeve collection of cases merges MONO’s innovative protection and high quality construction standards into a super slim, stylish and competitive price-point design.


Taking inspiration from real-life experiences on the road, the Vertigo is the world’s first top-loading guitar case. Allowing upright access saves time and space during setup and teardown. The Vertigo also features The Boot, a molded rubber sole to prevent damage on vertical drops. Inside, an automatic Headlock system protects the guitar’s headstock and neck during big falls. This innovative design earned the Vertigo an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA, Silver) in 2013, making MONO one of the very few MI companies to be acknowledged by the Industrial Design Society of America. Vertigo cases are now available for electric guitars, semi-hollow guitars and bass guitars. Vertigo cases are also compatible with MONO’s Guitar Tick, a detachable tool bag for storage of cables, small pedalboards and other necessities.

The Dual Acoustic & Electric hybrid case is the latest addition to MONO’s line of dual electric guitar and dual bass hybrid cases. Designed to carry one acoustic dreadnought and one electric solid-body, the Dual Acoustic & Electric case has innovative and patented features resulting in enhanced instrument protection, optimal accessibility, and reduced airline travel baggage and fees.

MonoVertigo-horz From Left: MONO Vertigo and the MONO Dual Acoustic & Electric Hybrid.


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