The New Xotic Effects RC Booster RCB-V2 Now Available

The all new Xotic Effects RC Booster RCB-V2, inspired by the Scott Henderson RCB-SH model, is now available and better than ever! Among the new and improved features is an added gain channel for even thicker tones along with a super transparent 20dB+ of clean boost power. The adjustable +-15dB two-band active EQ lets players to dial in their sound with amazing accuracy and adds a huge range of harmonic overtones to the player’s overall sound.




And just like the original, the new RC Booster is completely transparent, meaning it won't add any color to your guitar's natural tone. In fact, the boost is so clean and pristine that many players just leave it on at all times! And, of course, the RCB-V2 features True Bypass, eliminating any signal interference when switched off.

The Xotic RC Booster was first introduced in 2002 in an effort to offer guitar players a super transparent clean boost while preserving the integrity of their original tone and with the release of the RCB-V2, it's better than ever. Fans of the original RC Booster should act fast production will be discontinued as soon as the stock of current parts is exhausted (expected by the end of 2016).


Check out the video below for a demo of the brand new RC Booster RCB-V2:


Features Of The RC Booster RCB-V2:

Channel 1 gain, channel 2 gain, treble, bass, and volume configuration

True bypass Switching

9V battery powered

Gain 1 or 2 footswitch, Bypass footswitch

Compact chrome or copper case

Built-in blue LED light on gain 2 knob


The RC Booster RCB-V2 is now available at $139.00!


If you have any questions regarding the purchase of the new RC Booster RCB-V2 or any other piece of gear, don't hesitate to chat with one of our friendly PAL pros by using the live chat feature below or by calling us toll-free at 1 877-671-2200!


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