Non-Club Gigs Bands Should Take Advantage Of


Good music has a soul of its own and to be honest it almost feels like a shame that there are too few events associated with tasteful and quality music all around the world. Some of the events have become cliché in terms of music band performances. For instance Clubs, Coffee shops and bars. Music is always a treat for the ears but it’s not fair that musical bands have too few options for gigs around them. Here are a few ideas about events and places where bands and musicians should be able to present their music to the crowd.


1. Bridal Showers

This might seem a little unusual at first and that’s probably because you don’t see many bands performing on various bridal showers anywhere in the world. But the fact is that if good music is played and good performance has been presented during a bridal shower in front of a bunch of guests (mostly being ladies) the cheers and claps will be heard till the mood maybe. That’s how much potential do gigs have on events like bridal showers. Women prefer nothing more than being in the company of their best friends and having a party with a live music show.


2. Birthday Parties

The trend of gigs on teen birthday parties is so lively and enthusiastic that it should be funded by the government itself. But that isn’t likely to happen so the best bet is to bring that trend into circulation and start booking musicians and bands for gigs on birthday parties. Just imagine the joy it will give to the person whose birthday it is by receiving birthday greetings and special song dedications from their favorite bands and singers.


3. Wedding Anniversaries

We all have seen musicians performing live on hundreds of wedding because this is another cliché place for them to have the gigs but little have we heard about gigs being arranged for wedding anniversaries. There is no harm in refreshing your relationship and give it a whole new meaning by hiring bands who can sing out your feeling to your loved one and increase the love for you in their head to a 100%. Romantic times call for good music and for a good music on your wedding anniversary, you know what to do. Throw away your old stereo and enjoy the essence of live music.


4. Graduation Parties

After years and years of education, qualifying for a degree could mean heaps and bundles of joy for the student and their family. Gigs are usually associated with bringing people together so what could be a better occasion other than a long awaited graduation party? From mellow to dancing songs, the environment shifts quickly in a graduation party.


5. Baby Showers

Gigs and baby showers don’t really go along. Many people think this myth to be true but it isn’t true in any context. The wait for the new baby can be overwhelming for many people and bring a wave of emotions through you. Your planning can include a gig night so you and your family and friends can enjoy beautiful instrumental music or pop songs.


Final Thoughts ...

The possibilities of gigs on various events are endless. It all depends on your liking and reference according to the nature of your event.



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