One Killed and Three Injured While Setting Up for Radiohead Show


Radiohead drum technician Scott Johnson was killed and three others injured when a stage collapsed while crew was setting up before the band’s show on June 16, a mere week after ZZ Top refused to play a show due to questionable structure integrity.

Witnesses are reporting the stage “caved in on itself” while Johnson, 33, was underneath, crushing him in the process. A 45 year old suffered a head wound while two others sustained minor injuries.

The tragedy took place in Downsview Park in Toronto, Canada, where Radiohead crew were setting up hours before the band was set to take stage when the structure fell in. 1,000 people where in the area inside the 35,000-capacity open-air arena.

Toronto Police spokesman Tonny Vella reported: “They were setting up when the top portion collapsed on top of them. Four people were hurt. The remainder, when they heard the stage coming down, ran from the area.”

“There was a loud crash,” said witness Dusty Lalas. “It sounded like sheet metal and lightning, and we just saw the stage collapse.”

Last weekend ZZ Top refused to play a show in Atmore, Alabama due to fears that were realized during yesterday’s Radiohead tragedy. The band said: “We’re definitely from the ‘show must go on’ school but we had to draw the line this time when we found numerous hazards present at the venue. There was significant risk of a potential stage collapse.”



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