Paul Stanley: Analog Recording to Make a Comeback

Monster will be the 20th studio album from KISS*

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, KISS singer and guitarist Paul Stanley talks about his belief that analog recording – which the band used for their latest record, Monster – will see a resurgence in the very near future.

Stanley insists that he has “nothing against technology” but admits that too many modern artists are losing touch with what made their own rock heroes shine in the first place – emotion and feel.

“You don't need to reinvent the wheel,” said Stanley. “When technology trumps emotion and feel, when somebody will tell you something is good by looking at a computer screen rather than seeing if they're sweatin' or tapping their foot, I'm out of there.”

Just as he did with 2009’s Sonic Boom, Stanley had again taken the role of producer for Monster and as such, decided that he wanted to take the band back to its original feel and style of recording.

“We recorded analog and we sat around with our amps next to us,” said Stanley. “It was great. It's always exciting when you're doing something without any input from outside sources. Nobody heard the album until it was done. I wasn't interested in what anybody else thought. There were three other guys in the room whose opinions I valued, and that was it.”

When asked if he believed if other bands would soon follow suit with their move to analog, much like the Foo Fighters did with their most recent record, Stanley was reminded of a similar conversation he had with Dave Grohl.

“Yeah, when it becomes clear that people have strayed from what the essence of what we're doing,” said Stanley. “As a matter of fact, I was talking to Dave Grohl this morning when we dropped our kids off at school. He's doing a documentary [about the studio Sound City], on the great history of it. The music and the people it inspired were recorded on tape. Gear that looks like Star Trek isn't what any of our heroes played on.”

And in true veteran rock star fashion, Stanley added one last piece of advice for all of the 21st century digital musicians out there: “If you can't get a great sound with your guitar plugged into an amp, you need a new guitar or a new amp.”

You can check out KISS’ brand new album, Monster, when it hits stores next Tuesday, October 16.



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