Pete Townshend Was Told To Give Up Music By Father

Pete's new autobiography hits Oct 11

In his brand new autobiography, Pete Townshend reveals that as a child, his future success in music wasn’t exactly all that certain – and definitely not encouraged.

In an interview with The Sun, Townshend discussed some of the more interesting points in Who I Am, such as the revelation that his father believed that he would never make it in the music business because he couldn’t read music. Instead, his father – which was a musician himself – encouraged a young Townshend to focus on a career in journalism instead.

”Around the time of my ’11-Plus’ [a UK school exam] my father didn't think I would ever be a musician because I couldn't read music,” said Townshend. “Although I was strumming around on my guitar, he felt I was hopeless and was encouraging me to write instead.”

100 million albums later and it’s pretty safe to assume that Townshend made the right choice although the legendary guitarist adds that he realizes it’s much more difficult for today’s musicians than it was for him – and it not just because of the state of the music industry.

“Today, we see kids who can't afford to leave home,” said Townshend. “When my flatmate, Barney, and I got thrown out of our flat, we didn't know how to wash up or pay the rent, but it wasn't that we didn't have the money. We were never there when the landlord came so we just didn't bother to pay. One day the locks were changed. Now, many young people can't even get on the ladder.”

The book itself seems to be quite revealing and explains his relationship with fellow Who members along with several other memorable moments of Townshend’s career including “fancying” Mick Jagger and his famous guitar-off with the late Jimi Hendrix.

You can pick up your own copy of Pete Townshend’s Who I Am when it hits stores this upcoming Thursday, October 11th.

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