Former KISS Drummer Peter Criss Came Close to Suicide

Cover shot of Criss' autobiography

It’s not all sunshine and good times in the life of a beleaguered rock and roll star – especially when you pretty much lost just about everything.

In a soon to be released autobiography penned by Peter Criss, the former KISS drummer reveals how close he came to ending it all one night during the aftermath of the infamous Northridge earthquake back in 1994.

According to an excerpt from "Makeup to Break Up" published by Rolling Stone magazine, Criss had spiraled into a deep depression the night of the earthquake and contemplated suicide after realizing just how far he had fallen from the top.

“I’m going to f--king die in some shithole apartment – Jesus, I don’t believe you’re going to take me this way,” reads the excerpt.

And while the former KISS star had a bag containing more cold hard cash than most Americans make in a year – a cool $100,000 that he was hiding from tax officials – Criss was troubled by the fact that he had at one point been worth over $12 million, along with a couple of failed marriages and a not so perfect relationship with his daughter: “I thought to myself, ‘Why should I keep going? What do you have to live for? Your two marriages have gone to shit. You hardly see your daughter. You got a hundred grand but you were worth twelve million at one point.’ Life had just been a f--king nightmare.”

It was at this point that Criss grabbed his loaded .357 Magnum and stuck the barrel in his mouth. Right before pulling the trigger, he suddenly thought of his mother who had only recently died three years prior to the event.

“I always realised how hard she’d worked for me to be something,” Criss adds. “If I offed myself, how could I meet her again in Heaven? Suddenly there was an immense feeling of faith in that room.”

Although he decided against it in the end, Criss insists that his bought with suicide was more than just a mere cry for help: “This was far from a bluff, because there was nobody there that I was bluffing.”

Although the besieged star has never quite made it back to the career climax that was drumming for KISS, he can rest assured that after publishing this book, he will probably have a bit more than just $100,000 in a duffel bag.


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