Preparing For A Tour

Like most everything else in life, getting your band prepared for a tour is a must if you want it to be a success. While simply winging the non-music stuff might not seem like it will affect the actual shows, not being prepared can induce a great deal of stress on you and your band mates. Ultimately, that will creep into your performances or worse, create friction between the band. Below are a few general ideas of the sort of things you should consider when preparing for a tour.



Tips for Musicians Preparing For a Tour

The Obvious Stuff

You need to come up with a checklist so that you will ensure everything is in order before you start your tour. There are simple things you may ignore, but they will end up costing you a lot. They may even make your tour boring. The process will start with scheduling venues and the type of equipment you will carry. You should appoint a leader who will be in charge of organizing the tour. This is necessary to avoid confusion in the process.


Music Prep

Before you go out on a tour, you need to prepare your band. Try to rehearse all the songs which you will like to perform. This is necessary so that you will not disappoint your audience. As a band, you should practice on how to start the show and end it in a unique way which will make your audience stay entertained. If you have new members to your band, you need to rehearse with them and delegate duties so that you will stay organized in your upcoming music tour.


Check for Scheduling Conflicts in All Local Areas

In order to get the attention of all your band fans, you need to be careful in your scheduling. If you will like to visit a given location and you discover there are other attractive events which have been scheduled the same night or day, then there are high chances you will have your fans split in the two major events. This will reduce your audience and even revenue which you will collect as a band. In order to avoid such conflicts, you should research on local scheduling service providers for you to know whether there is an upcoming event, if there is one, then you need to reschedule your tour accordingly.


Gear Prep

For your music gear to be ready for the road, you need to carry out proper maintenance. Check strings and ensure they are in good condition. You should also definitely carry extra strings, battery, and cables so that you can easily swap them instead of being stressed out on where you can buy them on the road. Remember, you will risk interrupting your tour if if you have to go out of your way to find a shop. You can as well carry spare equipment so that in an event of break down, you will still move on with your performance.


Delegate Responsibilities to the Entourage

Some of your band members may like to bring their friends along them. In order to save on cost, you should look for duties which you can delegate to them in your road trip. This will make the group more productive hence save you money in the process. There are simple duties which they will be comfortable with. You can discuss with them and have the duties performed by them in your tour.

Be Prepared for EmergenciesĀ 

Emergencies need to be immediately taken care of. You need to have at least a first aid kit in your tour. You can carry with you things such as booster cables, warm clothing, flashlight, reflective road triangle and an equipped first aid kit.


While the tips above might not be anything revolutionary, too many bands gloss over the little things which endĀ up causing them more trouble than simply being prepared. While touring is most definitely fun and exciting, it's not easy. Don't make it any harder on you or your band by not being prepared!



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