A Closer Look At The Quilter Labs Overdrive 200 Multi-Channel Amp Head


Here at ProAudioLand, we’re huge fans of Quilter Labs. With products that offer amazing tone, high-quality parts, and unique feature sets, Quilter Labs is a perfect example of what a great boutique manufacturer can bring to the table. Today, the company has announced a new product in that same vein -- the Overdrive 200, a block style four-channel guitar amplifier that packs a lot of power and versatility in a surprisingly small package. Keep reading to find out more about the latest piece of gear from the guys at Quilter Labs.


What Is The Overdrive 200?

In short, the Quilter Labs Overdrive 200 is a tiny 200-watt multi-channel guitar amp head engineered with both overdriven and clean tones in mind. It is based on the legendary hard rock tones of high gain amps including the Mesa Boogie Mark II C+ and various Dumble amplifiers. For a bit of context, if you’re a fan of Robben Ford, Metallica, Larry Carlton or Dream Theater, the Overdrive 200 is tailor-made for you.


quilter Labs Overdrive 200 amp headQuilter Labs Overdrive 200 Block Style Guitar Amp Head @ $549.99

Inspired by legendary and almost unobtainable amplifiers, the Overdrive 200 brings an iconic overdrive sound within reach of the average musician. The dynamic 200 watt Quilter Tone Block power section is combined with a traditional “Tone Stack” EQ section to form a classic clean channel, plus a multiple switchable drive sections to provides several explosive overdrive tones



Four Unique Channels Of Badass Tone

But that doesn’t mean that the Overdrive 200 isn’t capable of delivering a wide variety of articulate, cutting clean tones. In fact at the heart of the Quilter Labs OD 200 is the amp’s Clean channel. Based on the same tech as their 101 Reverb, the Clean channel is comprised of Quilter Labs’ Tone Block power section and Tone Stack EQ, with controls for Gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble. All with plenty of headroom to get loud while staying clean.

But just in case you’re the type of guitar player that craves rich, smooth overdrive all the way up to chunky, in your face high gain distortion, you have plenty to choose from between the other three channels.

First off, there’s the Crunch channel. When engaged, the separate Drive section’s Gain and Output override the Clean Channel’s 3-band EQ, giving your sound a preset mid-scoop for a tight, fluid gain tone and controls that offer plenty of smooth saturation and a particularly nice breakup.

Next up, we have the Lead Channel. While it shares the same EQ controls as the Clean channel (in order to deliver seamless switching when enabled), the gain structure is altered to react similarly to what you would find on legendary old school amps.

Last but not least, there’s the Lead + Crunch Channel. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of the last two channels. When engaged, it completely removed the Clean Channel’s EQ section from the circuit in order to deliver all out distorted attack.

Check out the video below to hear the Overdrive 200 in action:


Extra Features

Combined, these four channels offer a ton of versatility in one small package. Still, it would be a bit of a pain if you had to stop to manually switch channels in order to take advantage of the different tones. Luckily, Quilter Labs created the Overdrive 200 to work with any standard two position footswitch, meaning you don't have to shell out extra for an OD 200 specific unit. But just in case you had you wanted a branded footswitch to match the amp head, Quilter Labs includes a sticker with the Overdrive 200 so you can label your own.

And just like Quilter Labs' other block style amp heads, the Overdrive 200 is compatible with the Frontliner 2x8 attachable speaker cab, turning it into a powerful yet portable 200-watt combo amp. Made with lightweight yet durable materials, it can match the output of many 4x12 rigs at a fraction of the weight. Do yourself a favor and take a closer look at the Frontliner cab by using the link below.


quilter labs frontliner guitar amp cabinetQuilter Labs Frontliner 2x8 Attachable Guitar Cabinet @ $699.99

Introducing the most advanced guitar amplification system available for the guitarist of today. The Frontliner 2x8W allows you to mount any Quilter “Block” style amplifier in the rear mounted docking bay, turning it into a powerful grab and go 200 watt combo. Pick it up with one hand, walk onstage and easily outperform cumbersome 4x12 rigs!



Final Thoughts …

Up until now, I didn’t think I could be more impressed with a Quilter Labs amplifier than when I took the Mach 2 8” combo for a spin. Amazing tone aside, I was just as impressed with how they managed to create such a loud and powerful amp at such a small size. With the new Overdrive 200, it seems like déjà vu, only in amp head form. Matching the size of their tone block style amp heads while adding four distinct channels and a ton of power, this is an amplifier that hard rock players will instantly fall in love with.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of the Quilter Labs Overdrive 200 guitar amp head or any other piece of gear we carry, don't hesitate to chat with one of our friendly PAL pros by using the live chat feature below or by calling us toll-free at 1 877-671-2200!



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