RHCP Rock New Songs At Private Show

Seven songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 10th album, "I'm With You," made it into the punk-funk icons' 90-minute set Monday night at a private show at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. "I'm With You" will be released Aug. 30, and the same day the Fuse TV network will air the Roxy concert.

The Peppers went back and forth between new tracks and vintage cuts, opening with "Monarchy of Roses" and, besides their smash hits, rarely reaching back into the 20th century for material. Like many bands that soften their rougher edges during the second decade of their existence, the Peppers found album tracks such as "Charlie" to create a smooth segue from one new songs to the next and a hard funk track such as "I Like Dirt" to provide a contrast.

The shirtless leaders Anthony Kiedis -- who did start the night in black tails -- and bassist Flea, in matching red pants and Pumas, were their usual frenetic selves, flinging their bodies around the stage, hopping in place and rolling through mosh pit-inspired moves. New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is still finding his place onstage, striking punk poses and butting up against Kiedis and Flea, but never with the flair for the frantic the band's leaders posses.

Flea reminisced about seeing Big Audio Dynamite recently at the Roxy Theatre, and also detailed the way he and Kiedis would sneak into the venue by climbing up to the second story and crawling through a window into a dressing room. "You hung out with the band, drank their beer and a saw a show for free," he said. Bars have since been installed on the windows.

The Peppers were assisted by Mauro Refosco on congas, a keyboardist and, for "Did I Let You Know," Mike Bulger on trumpet.

The show, presented by Coca-Cola Zero, will be broadcast on Fuse TV on Aug. 30 at 9PM/8PM ET/CT.

Set List:

"Monarchy of Roses"

"Can't Stop"



"Meet Me at the Corner"

"I Like Dirt"

"The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"

"Throw Away Your Television"

"Factory of Faith"

"Me and My Friends"

"Did I Let You Know"


"Look Around"

"Soul to Squeeze"

"By the Way"



"Give It Away"

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