Roger Waters Talks New Album, Fan Killed At Linkin Park Show

Woman dies at Linkin Park concert

Good morning music fans! Hopefully everyone out there is staying nice and dry while the rains come in – at least here in Southern California anyway. Let’s check some of what’s been going on lately in the rock world.

Legendary singer songwriter and former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters is keeping busy these days and I’m not just talking about his hugely successful “Wall” tour.

According to an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Waters has announced that he has completed a song for a brand new album tentatively titled Heartland which he says he completed during lunch breaks while on tour. Waters himself says the song focuses on “on religious extremism.”

"The Heartland idea sort of came from another song I wrote maybe 15 years ago, or longer even, which was a song that I wrote for a movie – a really, really bad movie called Michael that was about an angel," Waters said. "I'm absolutely determined to make another album. And I think this new song may give me the chance to do that. It provides a cornerstone and a core idea for me to write a new album about. You know, it's just one of my obsessions, which is, I'm sort of obsessed with the idea that religious extremism is a maligned factor in most of our lives."

As far as what’s on the horizon for Waters just around the corner, he will be performing at the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s “Stand Up for Heroes” benefit today – this Thursday – at the Beacon Theatre as part of this week’s New York Comedy Festival.

Also, a bit of bad news today as it has been confirmed that a fan attending last night’s Linkin Park show (November 7th) in Cape Town, South Africa was killed and 20 more injured when wind gusts caused a scaffolding structure to collapse.

It should be said that the band itself did not know about the incident until a bit later and played the show as scheduled but their website has since posted the following statement:

"Following our performance tonight at Cape Town Stadium, we were advised that several people were injured as a result of the collapse of an advertising tower erected by Lucozade in the parking area outside the venue.

"We wish to express our deep sadness and concern for those injured and our heartfelt condolences to the family of the fan who died as a result of her injuries.

"Though we have had no relationship with the sponsor or the entity responsible for erecting the structure, we take the safety of our fans very seriously and our thoughts are with all of those who were affected by this tragedy."

It’s always an unfortunate incident whenever a fan simply looking to enjoy a bit of music ends in tragedy. On the bright side, it could have easily been much worse. Our thoughts are with the victims.

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