Rolling Stone Updates Top 500 Albums List

Big winner Kanye West gets 3 albums added

Rolling Stone magazine has announced the release of their newly updated “500 Greatest Albums of All Time,” adding three Kanye West albums into the mix whose record “Late Registration” ranked highest among the new additions at No. 118.

The overhauled list, which was first put out by the magazine in 2003 with a later 2005 update, will now include 30 new albums from the 2000s which along with Kanye include two Radiohead albums as well as records from a few long-established names such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

The authoritative list will have details on each album and several new stories based on firsthand accounts. The list was created with the input of several of music’s top journalists, executives and musicians.

In an interview with Reuters, senior editor at Rolling Stone Christian Hoard talked about the passionate response to the list by readers and editors alike.

"People like to get angry about these 'best' lists. It was really a great deal of fun to make," said Hoard. "We had arguments in the office, and I hope those arguments are replicated elsewhere. These special issues are great sellers but they also turn people on to music they haven't heard, and hopefully start fun arguments too.

The newly updated list will be sold as a standalone “special issue” and will be available in the U.S. for $11.99 between this Friday, April 27 and July 25.

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