Rolling Stones Set To Play Four Shows This November

From Left: Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger & Ronnie Wood

For all of you Stones fans out there, you probably already saw this coming. It seems like ever since the beginning of the year, the legendary rock band has been hinting at something big hitting before the end of the year.

BBC interviews with Keith Richards revealed that this big surprise would involve them rehearsing in the near future which for a rock band isn’t at all surprising.

"We're playing around with the idea and had a couple of rehearsals," said Richards back in July. "We've got together, and it feels so good. There's things in the works; I think it's definitely happening. But when? I can't say yet."

Soon after, rumors began spreading of a person close to the band who supposedly revealed that the big even the Stones had mentioned involved a farewell show a London music festival in commemoration of their 50 year anniversary.

The media even went as far as to ask recent Stones concert producer Michael Cole who told back in late June that he had no idea what plans if any the band had for a possible farewell tour.

"Nothing I know of," said the producer. "Not even off the record. On the record, off the record, it's all the same. I got nothin' today."

Well, none of that lasted long as the Stones were quick to point out that they are not retiring in the near future and even if they were, they wouldn’t do so at a festival. Well, after months of speculation and wild guesses, we now finally know what the big surprise was – four concert dates in November according to

That’s it? Well, for now maybe, but yes, the Rolling Stones have just announced that they will soon be hitting that live circuit once again this November and play two shows at London’s O2 Arena along with two more at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

And just in case you’re into knowing how much fatter their wallets will be after these four gigs, the source says that the Stones will be getting a hefty $25 million and that famed fun-loving billionaire Richard Branson and Australian promoter Paul Dainty will promote.

No other information has been revealed as of yet but for those of you ready to get some satisfaction, check back with us and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as more info becomes available.



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