Ryan Adams Inspired after Ronnie James Dio's funeral

Ryan Adams attended Ronnie Jame's Dio's funeral last month, and the experience moved him so much that he wrote 11 new songs in tribute to the late singer.

Posting on his Facebook page yesterday, Adams wrote, "11 new solo tunes came out of nowhere. Day after Dio's funeral they just fell out. Soft mellow acoustic jams – lots of New Orleans scenery and vibe from the trip."

He added: "I am officially very excited again."

In an earlier Facebook posting on 30 May, Adams wrote that "the Dio memorial service today was epic, beautiful and heartwarming even if all that was just outside of a good bit of sadness. What a light and a treasure this man was. Bless ya RJD.

Known primarily for penning alt-country, pop and rock material, Adams has recently become enamored of heavy metal. Recently he released the sci-fi metal concept album titled Orion. Check out one of its tracks, Electro Snake, below:

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