Santana Announces House of Blues Shows and 36th Album

The legendary Carlos Santana has announced a residency at The House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The first residency that the House of Blues has offered, the show will be called “Greatest Hits Live: Santana – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow”.

The series of shows will begin in May 2012 and run until early 2013. Santana commented on the title of the show to the LA Times:

"Tomorrow is the unknown, so how do you rehearse the unknown?" "To me, the unknown is inviting African musicians to join us, or Buddy Guy or Derek Trucks or Ben Harper, people from Phish, Warren Haynes – that’s what 'Tomorrow' is bringing to the House of Blues."

Santana has stated that he is happy to stay in one place so that he can work on several albums that he has planned, on top of his shows at the House of Blues:

"I’d like to do two with the band – one just in Spanish for the Latino audience, and one that hopefully will be radio-friendly," he said. "And I want to do one just for family – with and for the family, with my wife, my son, my two daughters, who are all musicians."

His first release of the three will come just two weeks after kicking-off his shows at Mandalay Bay, and will be an instrumental album called Shape Shifter, released through his own Starfaith label on May 15.

'Shape Shifter' is the personal album," "One album will be a Santana band album. The other one is for my family, my new wife (Cindy Blackman) my brother Jorge. I'll bring together my whole family, my new family, to do music in honor of the sacredness of the family. We can start in March, April and since we're only working at night we can do sessions during the day (at Odds On Studio). It's just a balance - recording and being onstage. We can do three, four, seven albums."

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