Scott Weiland Claims He's Still in Stone Temple Pilots

Scott Weiland - maybe formerly
of Stone Temple Pilots? 

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m sure by now most of you have heard that Stone Temple Pilots have “officially terminated” frontman Scott Weiland from their lineup which shouldn’t have come as a surprise as former Velvet Revolver bandmate Slash said as much months ago.

Well, everyone but Scott Weiland apparently as the troubled singer said in a recent interview that he is definitely still a member.

 “There are some issues that have to be worked out with STP,” Weiland told SPIN. “But they’re the same issues that have been going on since the end of the last tour. Nobody in the band can be fired. No one’s ever fired anybody, and no one's ever quit the band.”

Although it seems Weiland is not planning to honor the band’s official statement, he did say that the note hurt him on a personal level. “[STP] really have been together a long time, and I’m proud of that,” he said. “I really do like those guys, and it hurts my feelings when we aren’t getting along, because I view them as a family.”

Seems like we’ll just have to wait and see as the saga continues but in other Weiland news, the singer is currently keeping busy on the road playing STP tracks through his new solo band, the Wildabouts.

And in other rock news, Nikki Sixx has insisted that Motley Crue will never return after making one final album and performing a farewell tour.

But before everyone gets out their tightest leather pants and sprays that hair, Sixx adds that he’s still not sure when their final bow will take place.

Not too long ago, SIxx speculated that the band will meet its end after completing work on their movie version of The Dirt, releasing its soundtrack, recording one last record and then hitting the road one last time.

And now in a recent interview, Sixx pretty much assured that there will be no chance of a comeback once the farewell is said and done.

“It’s important that when you do a farewell tour that people understand,” Sixx tells “When you put a bullet in the back of the horse’s head and it goes down, it’s not a plastic bullet – it’s a f--king shotgun blast. Blow its f--king brains out. It’s never coming back.

“It’s the only way I can look myself in the mirror and do a farewell tour. That’s it: when we take our final bow, it’s it. I will cry – I cry thinking about it. It could be a beautiful ending,” he says. “When you go and see a great fucking movie and you go, ‘That was amazing – that blew my mind!’ it’s not like ‘That blew my mind, and, um maybe there’ll be a sequel to it.”

Well, there you have it. Although it might be a few years or so before any concrete information on when and where exactly this farewell tour will take place, rest assured that when the final curtain comes down for Motley Crue, it’s going to stay down.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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