Seymour Duncan Announces NYC Bass Pickups

Seymour Duncan NYC Bass PickupsProAudioLand is happy to say that Seymour Duncan has just announced the imminent release of the NYC Bass pickups!

Like the soapbar pickups found in some of the world's finest handcrafted basses, the NYC uses the same dual coil J-type pickup design with a double row of exposed Alnico pole pieces. The four conductor cable allows for three wiring modes which provide a wide variety of tonal options: Wire the pickup in parallel mode for a slightly thickened, hum-canceling single coil sound. Wire it in series mode for high output with maximum punch and fullness. Or wire it in single coil mode for true vintage Jazz Bass sound. The Alnico 2 rod pole pieces provide a punchy and focused tone with a natural and smooth upper midrange. Compared to an active soapbar, the tone is warmer and more organic on the NYC Bass.

The NYC design provides a more even volume with more precision and note clarity which is perfect for advanced chording. Each note will ring up and down the fretboard. For even more control, match the NYC Soapbars with an on-board Tone Circuit like the Seymour Duncan STC-3P.

This pickup is a direct retrofit replacement for either the 4-string EMG 35 or 5-string EMG 40. Available individually or in a calibrated neck and bridge set.


About Seymour Duncan: Seymour Duncan, the man behind the world-famous line of pickups, started working on guitars out of necessity, when his telecaster pickup broke during a gig in the 60’s. After repairing his own pickups, he began to tinker more and more with guitar gear and guitar tones, and eventually found himself doing Research and Development for Fender Soundhouse in London.

During his stint at Fender, he wound custom pickups for many of the greatest guitarists of the time (and all-time) including David Gilmour, Peter Frampton, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Today Seymour Duncan manufactures all types of pick-ups including single-coilshumbuckers,soap-bars, p-90s, rails pickups, stack pickups, active and vintage pickups and more for both guitars and basses of all brands and models. They have many signature models to fit your tone tastes including models made for Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dimebag Darrell featuring crazy names like Dimebucker and Screamin’ Demon!


For details on pricing and availability, shot us a message at or call us toll free at 1-877-671-2200!

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