Simmons’ Continues Tour of Insults, Disses Hall of Fame

Gene Simmons still angry

In what has become almost mandatory for the KISS bassist, Gene Simmons has added another group to his long list of public opinions, joining most recently Rihanna in what is shaping to be a pretty well-rounded assortment of “victims.”

During a press event for the upcoming KISS/Motley Crue tour, Simmons was asked about his feelings on his band’s inability to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, although the group has been eligible since 1999. “It's become a joke," Simmons said of the snub. "We've been thinking about it and the answer is simply, 'We'll just buy it and fire everybody.'"

"In all seriousness for the fans, for something to be called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is such an insult to Madonna, Blondie and Tone Loc. Who the f**k knows what other disco act is in there? It's an insult to them because they don't get to be in the 'Dance Hall of Fame,' because that's what they do," Simmons says. "They're legitimate dance, disco artists. They don't belong in rock and roll."

When you're a rock band as legendary as it gets, several fans share similar sentiments and are just as suprised KISS hasn't "struttered" their way into the Hall of Fame just yet. Maybe next year.


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