Single Coil and Humbucker Tones on the same Strat

humbucker single coil tones in one stratocaster schematics One of the best things about electric guitars is the sheer number of modifications and customization options at your disposal! With a bit of work, you can not only dramatically change the sound of your guitar, but the look and feel as well! That neck a little too thick for you? Change it to a thinner profile! Your tone a bit too thin? How about some humbuckers? Or maybe you want to ADD some sound to your ax instead of just swapping it for another? Not a problem!

Today, we’re going to look at a greay way to get plenty of humbucker AND single coil tones from one single Fender Strat. Stratocaster owners regularly use a push/pull potentiometer to split the coils of a humbucker. This push/pull pot is usually located in the bridge position. It should be said that most push/pull pots are dpdt switches which basically means they be easily be used to split two humbuckers at the same time. In other words, if your Strat has humbuckers in both the neck and bridge, you can switch both of your humbuckers into single coil mode by using just one push/pull pot. Unfortunately, if your Strat happens to come equipped with three humbuckers (like those fitted out with JB Jrs or Hot Rails), you’re going to need at least one more push/pull pot to be able to split three humbuckers – that is, until now!

With just a bit of creative re-wiring of your standard 5-way switch, one push/pull pot can be used to split three humbuckers at the same time! What this means for your Strat is that you can now enable it to sound like it has all humbuckers or all single coils – essentially sounding like two different guitars with the push or pull of a pot! And best of all, all of the controls will still work like normal regardless of whether the push/pull pot is up or down. Check out the schematics for the rewiring below!



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