Slash Cuts Hope of Guns ‘N Roses Reunion

Slash sets record straight

Disappointing news for fans of the legendary rock group as Slash has cut down rumors of a supposed Rock And Roll Hall of Fame reunion. “We’re not playing,” the former lead guitarist tells the Toronto Sun. “I would imagine that they asked us to play but I know that we’re not playing.”

The group is to be inducted to the hall of fame next month and has caused an uproar of rumors surrounding a much wanted reunion of the core original lineup.

When asked about former bandmates attending the proceedings, Slash assured that although he can’t specify to any individual member, he added “I could be positive Steven will be there. Steven wouldn’t miss it,” although he did maintain of former frontman Axl Rose that he didn’t know. “I would assume so but we haven’t talked about it,” he added.

It has been nearly two decades since Slash played with his old group, calling it quits after a show in July of '93.


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