Slash Opens Up About Last Words With Axl Rose Before Departing GN'R

File Photo: Slash

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Slash revealed his last words to Axl Rose before leaving Guns N’ Roses.

The legendary guitarist said it took him about a day to finally decide and reject Rose’s offer of a new contract with the band in 1996. He adds that at the time he did not feel as though he was leaving the band he co-founded but a new group with the same name.

“I was given a contract to join his new band,” said Slash. “It took about 24 hours before I decided: ‘I think this is the end of the line. And it wasn’t me leaving the band. It was me not continuing with the new band Axl had put together and was now at the helm of, the new Guns n’Roses.”

Unsurprisingly, Slash mentioned that he does not want to talk about the split for the rest of his life.

“It’s a lot of attention put on a lot of negative stuff,” he says. “It existed, and it might still exist – but dwelling on it… I left the band in 1996. We’re talking a pretty long time.”

He added that the actual moment when he refused Rose’s offer was amicable and nowhere near the drama laden spectacle that many assumed.

“It wasn’t like that,” said Slash. “Basically it was just: ‘I’m done.’”

Rumors had been spreading for years of a massive payout offered for the reunion of the original Guns N’ Roses lineup, although the dramatic lead-up to the band’s Rock Hall inauguration – with Rose openly rejecting the honor and deciding not to appear at the event – has effectively put a end to the possibility.

“I’ve never been handed a specific offer, but I’ve heard it starts off with seven figures, then sometimes it starts to get more grandiose,” said Slash. “I don’t think it’s a matter of that. I think you’ve got a situation where nobody involved wants to revisit. It’s not just me, it’s the whole band – I don’t think there’s a price tag that can make that work.”



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