Slayer Drummer Replaced After Suggesting The Band Restructure Tour Contract

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, or should we say, former.

Boy, money can sure cause a lot of problems, and history has shown us that rock and roll is definitely not immune. If anything – it’s a bit more susceptible.

Which brings us some shocking news today; prolific Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo is being replaced on their upcoming tour after he questioned the band’s business practices and suggested some changes.

Lombardo told fans through a Facebook post that the reasoning – in his opinion – for the ouster stemmed from his calculation that the band were only being paid 10% of their tour earnings.

He added that he and Tom Araya hired auditors to discover what had been happening but they were denied access to documents and information – and then things went downhill from there.

Lombardo says that he is still optimistic that he and the band can work out their differences, but for now he informed fans that he was told he was not going to be playing on their upcoming tour of Australia.

He wrote, "So that you all know the truth, as of the end of the business day on February 14th, I was notified that I would not be drumming for the tour in Australia. I'm saddened, and to be honest I am shocked by the situation.

"Last year, I discovered 90% of Slayer's tour income was being deducted as expenses including the professional fees paid to management, costing the band millions of dollars and leaving 10% or less to split amongst the four of us. In my opinion, this is not the way a band's business should operate. I tried rectifying it by letting my band mates know, and Tom and I hired auditors to figure out what happened, but I was denied access to detailed information and the necessary back up documents.

"I spent the Christmas and New Year holidays realizing I had toured all over the world in 2012, but yet, had not been paid (except a small advance) or provided a proper accounting for a full year's sweat and blood. On top of this, I was told that I would not be paid until I signed a long form contract which gave me no written assurance of how much or on what basis management would deduct commissions, nor did it provide me access to the financial budgets or records for review. It also forbade me to do interviews or make statements having to do with the band, in effect a gagging order.

"Last Monday, I sat down with Kerry and Tom to rehearse for Australia and to propose a new business model that I felt was the best way forward for Slayer to confidently protect itself so we could do what we do best . . . play for the fans. Kerry made it clear he wasn't interested in making changes and said if I wanted to argue the point, he would find another drummer. On Thursday, I arrived at rehearsals at 1 pm as scheduled, but Kerry did not show. Rather, at 6:24 pm I received an email from the lawyers saying I was being replaced for the Australian dates.

"I remain hopeful that we can resolve our issues. But once again, I sincerely apologize to all of our fans in Australia who spent their money expecting to see the 3 of us original Slayer members.

"I look forward to seeing you in the future."

And yet another victim of the shrewd music biz world – here’s hoping the guys can work out their differences AND get paid what they deserve (although I’m sure most of us out there wouldn’t mind 2.5% of millions of dollars for playing music and touring the world).

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