The Rolling Stones Stream New Song Online

The Stones' new album Grrr! out November 12!

Good news for all of you old school rock and rollers as the Rolling Stones have just released a brand new song for all you to stream the heck out of online.

The new track, entitled “Doom and Gloom,” is set to be the first single and one of two new tracks off their soon to be released greatest hits collection, Grrr!.

Although you’ll have to wait until November 12 to get your hands on some Grrr! – which will be available in five different formats including a three CD 50 track edition along with a four CD “super deluxe” version that includes 80 songs – you can check out “Doom and Gloom” on iTunes right here.

You can expect all of the radio hits spanning their entire career from “Satisfaction” to “Start me up,” “Get off of My Cloud” to “Gimme Shelter.” Expect a few classic cover’s in there as well such as “C’mon,” originally written by the one and only Chuck Berry. Interestingly  enough, that Chuck cover was the Stones’ first single – remember that one next time you need a bit of classic rock trivia cred.

Along with “Doom and Gloom,” each of the five different versions of Grrr! will also feature another brand new track entitled “One Last Shot.” Both tracks were recorded earlier this year in Paris.

As most of you diehard Stone fans will probably remember, the last time Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have all been in the same studio together was over seven years ago – back in 2005 for the recording of their last album, “A Bigger Bang,” to be exact.

And if simply listening to your favorite dawn of rock band isn’t enough, there have been some pretty sizeable rumors going around that the Stones are set to play at least four shows in the very near future – two shows at London’s O2 Arena and two more and the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn – all supposedly set for this November.

The “rumors,” as they were, should point towards a very productive end of the year for the Stones. In the meantime, you can always catch some “Doom and Gloom.” 

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